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UPS Systems

“Critical Power Solution Specialists”

Please view our UPS Maintenance Brochure here

Eurocoms provide UPS systems for customers around the World. Our partners allow us to offer local services on an international level. With distribution centres in London, Holland, Germany, Dubai, Singapore and the US.

Whether you are a reseller or end-user, we can work with you to provide a best fit solution. Eurocoms are an impartial reseller which means we are not forced to recommend a particular product for commercial reasons, we will recommend what is right for you. We have recently introduced Eurocoms Finance that also allows us to provide our customer with finance options on all our UPS and Generator solutions.

In addition to our supply services, Eurocoms also install and maintain UPS & Generators, some of which include APC, Eaton, Riello & Huawei. As a solutions provider, we offer a turn-key package for all of our customers, starting from the original site survey to the on-site commissioning of both UPS and Generator.

What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

A Uninterruptible Power Supply, or a UPS unit is there to maintain the electrical supply to a piece of equipment, or load, following the loss of the primary source of supply. BS EN 62040-1-1:2003 defines a UPS as a combination of converters, switches and energy storage devices (for example, batteries) constituting a power system for maintaining continuity of load power in case of power failure. The load may be a variety of applications, for example:

  • Server / Data / Mission critical applications
  • Emergency lighting/ Essential flood lighting
  • Process Control SCADA / PLC
  • Critical cooling / Motor Applications
  • IPS Systems
  • Telecommunication hubs
  • Security / CCTV Systems
  • Fire / Sprinkler systems
  • Access systems

What are the direct benefits of having a UPS System?

  • No loss of critical data on a power failure
  • No loss of business productivity on power failure
  • Supply line conditioning eliminating Noise / Surges / Spikes / Sags – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Scalability is available, so should your business and power requirements expand, so can your UPS
  • The piece of mind that you have the equipment in place should anything happen
  • Improvement in business continuity and customer service

If you want more information about Eurocoms, our UPS solutions, or some free friendly advice, please call our sales team now on 0800 009 6776.


Eurocoms supply only the best Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems by APC. We are able to supply, install and maintain APC UPS systems from desktop to data centre.

American Power Conversion (APC) is a leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and surge protection products for end-to-end legendary reliability.APC UPS

Here is a list of some of the APC units Eurocoms offer;

  • SMT3000i SMART UPS TOWERAPC-smart-ups-range

In today’s “always on, always available” world where businesses can’t stop and downtime is measured in pounds, APC provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage: power problems and temperature. As a global leader in network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions, APC sets the standard in its industry for quality, innovation and support. Its comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.

From corporate headquarters in West Kingston, RI, APC operates sales offices throughout the world and manufacturing facilities on three continents. Together, APC’s global teams work to fulfill their mission of creating delighted customers. To do this, the Company focuses its efforts on four primary application areas: Home/Small Office; Business Networks; Data Centers and Facilities; and Access Provider Networks.

Known for its quality, innovation and industry leading service and support, APC has perhaps the longest list of accolades in its industry. Not satisfied with this, APC is working diligently to achieve its corporate mission of creating delighted customers by improving the manageability, availability and performance of information and communication systems through the rapid delivery of innovative solutions to real customer problems.

Direct UPS provide APC solutions for a competitive rate when compared to their official distribution channels. All the machines we supply are UK registered products. We can provide any APC solution, whether it is large or small. We are the ideal solution for any UK reseller of APC, as our price can compete with distribution rates.

This competitive pricing structure, paired with our excellent customer service, gives APC the edge over many of our competitors.

Eaton UPS

Eurocoms supply, install and maintain a full range of Eaton UPS solutions.

We aim to be one of the UK’s leading independent UPS supplier by offering our customers the right solution and the right price.

Eaton is a leading provider of quality backup power UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Eaton UPS’ are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs to large data centres.Eaton UPS

To help you find the right solution, we organise our backup power offering into four categories: PC, Workstation & Home AV UPS, Network & Server UPS, Data Center & Facility UPS and Marine & Offshore UPS.

Eaton Comparison Table

Riello UPS

Eurocoms are resellers of Riello Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), one of Europe’s leading UPS systems manufacturers. We supply, install and maintain Riello UPS’ and standby power systems across the UK and Eire, providing site surveys, electrical installation (NICEIC certified), maintenance plans and emergency response contracts.

The Riello UPS range runs from 400VA to 6MVA and includes standby, line interactive and high efficiency online UPS (transformer-based and transformerless) in a range of formats that cover desktop, tower, rack mount and modular UPS installation.

Eurocoms currently sell the following;

  • iPlug
  • iDialog
  • Net Power 600VA-2kVA
  • Vision
  • Dialog Vision Rack
  • Vision Dual
  • Sentinel Pro
  • Sentinel Dual
  • Sentinel Power Green
  • Multi Sentry
  • Master
  • Multi Guard

For more information regarding Eurocoms and our UPS solutions, please call sales on 0800 009 6776.

Huawei UPS

Eurocoms supply only the best UPS systems, and Huawei UPS’ are one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

The rapid development of cloud technology is imposing ever stricter requirements on power supply – the very lifeblood for servers and switches. Ensuring reliable power supply, HUAWEI delivers reliable, efficient, convenient and intelligent UPS to cope with the disadvantages of efficiency, expansion, and availability hindrances, as well as high maintenance costs that traditional UPS brings. HUAWEI UPS provides customers with the best power supply solution to help customers deal with the problems encountered on overburdened power grids.

HUAWEI has launched the UPS8000-D, UPS5000-A, UPS5000-E, and UPS2000-G, with capacities ranging from 1kVA-800kVA, meeting the needs of large, medium, and small applications to escort amounts of data for computing era.

For more information about our Huawei products or if you want to speak to our sales team for some free friendly advice, please call now on 0800 009 6776.

UPS Maintenance

“Maintaining your critical power solution”

Eurocoms maintain and repair uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).UPS maintenance

Please click here to view our maintenance brochure.

A UPS needs to be maintained in order for functionality and reliability to be retained. A UPS can typically be working continuously for over 8,000 hours per annum, which highlights the importance of an ongoing pre-planned maintenance schedule and this should form part of your power protection plan.

Eurocoms currently offers the following standard maintenance packages;

UPS Maintenance Cover Packages

A full report will be produced and given to the client with any pending issues outlined.

Call Eurocoms now for a no obligation quote or some free advice 01142 835 825 / 0800 009 6776.

UPS Installation

“Not just a box shifter”

Eurocoms not only supply UPS systems, we also install, maintain and recycle.

After the initial purchase of your power system, there is obviously a need for expert advice and support regarding the proper integration of the equipment into your existing site infrastructure.

Direct UPS are able to offer a full turn key solution from design, supply, commissioning and maintenance.UPS installation

The following is catered for:

  • AC Power Installations & Final Circuit Power Distribution
  • DC Power Installations – Up-to Datacentre Spec
  • AC Generator & Changeover Panels
  • External Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Air Conditioning

Our qualified electricians are also fully trained UPS engineers with vast experience in both commercial and industrial electrical engineering, which equates to a safe and practicable approach to the task in hand. Our knowledge of both AC & DC systems is second to none within the industry.

For more information about Eurocoms and our UPS Maintenance, please call sales on 01142 835 825 / 0800 009 6776.

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